Dynamic HTML Editor 5.0 - Some New Features
Now really Unicode with RTL support
For Arabian and Hebrew simply enable the RTL support on the program settings ;-)
Здравствуйте - меня зовут Давид, и я надеюсь, вам понравится это программное обеспечение; эта программа позволит вам создавать Юникод страницы, использующие ваш родной язык.
مرحبا -- اسمي ديفيد وآمل أن تكونوا مثل هذا البرنامج ، وهذا البرنامج سوف يسمح لك لإنشاء صفحات الويب باستخدام يونيكود لغتك الأصلية.
こんにちは - 私の名前はダビデだと私は、このソフトウェアのように願って、このプログラムは、
您好 - 我的名字是大卫,我希望你喜欢这个软件,这个程序将允许您创建Unicode的网页使用自己的母语。
Dash Style for shape borders / lines
Dash Cap for shape borders / lines
Start Cap and End Cap
Precision Property for PolyCurve shapes
Overlay image for graphical objects
Integrated FTP Client
The Project Upload window has been enhanced, now it is responsive also if you upload big files.
The "Explore" button integrates a
FTP Client for completely managing your site. By pressing the "Make Home" button you'll set the current FTP folder to the "Start Folder" of your connection settings. You can also select multiple rows at a time using the SHIFT and CTRL keys.
New Custom Code window with code highlight
Extensions - See extensions
Extensions are components that you can use to extend the capabilities of Dynamic HTML Editor. Using the integrated editor you'll be able to create your own D.H.W.E. objects!
New Template management
Create a template from a site in a very fast way into a single packed file; very useful for sharing it with your friends!
New Form panel with hidden fields and integrated email support
You'll be able to send all form data to an email address using a PHP or ASP processor; just place fields into a form and a Submit button to send them!
Browse Project button on the Export Project dialog
Transparent Layers (every object into the layer will become transparent)
(The red layer is over the green layer)
Scrollable Layers (this is not an IFRAME, just a scrollable layer)
Dynamic HTML WYSIWYG Editor
Create your site in minutes!

Dynamic HTML Editor is a powerful HTML (WEB page) Editor that permits you to create your site in a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) environment using both CSS and/or tabled layouts. Dynamic HTML Editor's design emphasizes simplicity and ease of use. You'll find that you can create great looking websites almost instantly with virtually no learning curve!
Also great for creating server pages (asp, jsp, php, cfm, ...)!
Major features

100% WYSIWYG, no need to know HTML/XHTML code

Dynamic HTML Editor is a WEB page editor 100% WYSIWYG, simply play with your mouse and create pages compatible with all browsers (W3C compliant code)!

No need for other software
You can edit and rotate/resize images, apply 55+ effects, create shapes, apply stencils to images, manage transparency, create stylesheets, slide shows, publish your site to the internet in a click

Reuse your work
You can import pre-made HTML pages into Dynamic HTML Editor in a very simple way!

Dynamic HTML Editor includes quality templates and there is a
section in this site where you can find some others

Multilanguage support
What about working with your native language? See
Ini Translation Utility.

Dynamic Web Page Creation
You can create beautiful menus, rollover-rollclick effects, play/stop music, launch javascript functions and much more!

Get all the help you need in the
Date of Modify
This object displays the date of the last modify made on the page that contains it (in UTC format); this is useful because it works as expected also when used into shared files (master-pages, .dhe file objects; ie. it displays the date of modify of the page that contains these shared files).
Thu, 16 Feb 2023 20:50:55 UT
Updates and Additional Components Window
This is a very nice new feature that will permit you to update and download some additional components for the program in a very simple way.
This panel can be used to download and install additional
templates, extensions, overlay modules, gfx menu layouts, language modules, stencils, etc...
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Copyright 2002-23 by Lorenzi Davide