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Some features of version 6.0
Some features of version 6.5

(build 19) - Sep 25, 2013
• The size of the "value" field in the Extension Builder Parameter window has been increased; this permit users to insert complex code inside

(build 17) - Mar 18, 2013
• Faster generation and management of strings
• Fix: bug when removing a style class from a selected piece of text
• Fix: when generating style attributes with fonts containing " the program generated wrong code
• Fix: problems when using the ASP/PHP email processor in master-pages

(build 10) - Sep 04, 2012
• Fix: bug when generating HTML5 code
• Fix: compatibility issues with IE9

(build 9) - Aug 28, 2012
• Now the editor filters server side code when previewing a page
• Ability to insert .dhe files as a child of container objects
• Fix: wrong calculation of the position of Infinity objects when used with master-pages

(build 7) - Aug 22, 2012
• Fix: The 'Publish Project' dialog blocked the program close when a connection error occured

(build 5) - Jul 12, 2012
• Fix: the 'Create Project Template' action had a bug when a file with length=0 was found

(build 4) - Jun 13, 2012
• Added the ability to set a fixed size for an extension
• Added the ability for extensions to preview the first image parameter encountered
• Added the ability to create an image from the Picture dialog and from the Page Properties dialog
• Added
Spritely extension for creating web animations
• Fix: bug when rendering an object reference containing text (only in the editor)
• Fix: bug when adding attachments to a page; changes were not signalled

(build 1) - May 31, 2012
• Added a compatibility check on extensions (for HTML4/HTML5)
• Added the ability to integrate extensions with the internal form email processor

(build 4) - May 26, 2012
• Fix: some wrong english strings have been fixed
• Fix: name of style classes starting with a number is escaped
• The background settings panel for layer and infinity has been enhanced
• Added the "ToggleVisibility" action on events
• Added the "Set GfxCanvas State" action on events

(build 1) - May 03, 2012
• Added Touch events
• Added the "Check and Fix browsrs wrong labels size"; a function that automatically changes the interline of labels in order to maintain the layout exactly as drawn in the editor (for Mozilla Firefox in Win 7 64bit). Check in the page properties
• Enhanced the HotSpot object generation so it is possible to use it in extensions
• Enhanced the Batch function "Highlight link"
• Added styles preview
• Added the ability to use H1..H6 tags in the label editor

(build 20) - Apr  05, 2012
• The HTML5 generation has been checked by the W3C validator service
• Fix: problem when centering pages in IE9

(build 16) - Apr  01, 2012
• Ability to choose only Web Safe Fonts on the label editor
• Ability to set the DOCTYPE of the page also to HTML5
• Added HTML5 events
• Added the ability to assign style classes to piece of text so it is very simple to change layout on the fly; classes can contain only some attributes to apply to pieces of test
• Added "Site styles" for sharing styles among pages in a very simple way (without the need to specify them in a master-page)
• Added new properties to the Style editor
• By default (if no extension is specified) the search project panel now searches only .dhe files
• Fix: bug when choosing the font from the list of fonts in the label editor
• Fix: bug when autoselecting a link in the label editor
• Fix: the RSS tool used UT date format instead of GTM format
• Fix: the remaining upload time was calculated in a wrong way
• Fix: the Image Settings panel had some bugs

(build 81) - Jan  25, 2012
• Added the ability to force the image of a gallery to be the same size of the drawn object
• Fix: transparency problem in galleries containing .jpg files

(build 77) - Nov  18, 2011
• Fix: when loading old files, some layers appeared without border
• Fix: some internal widgets have been fixed

(build 74) - Nov  09, 2011
• Added the ability to manage 32bit backgrounds for the page
• Added a check for extension dependencies
• Added a filter on the properties for objects inserted into the graphical editor

(build 71) - Oct  20, 2011
• Fix: export and sorting of infinity objects
• Added the "From email" in the Form processor
• Now the slidepanel supports up to 256 panels

(build 69) - Oct  18, 2011
• Fix: export and sorting of infinity objects
• Fix: the load event got created also if not required
• Removed the FullHeight property from the infinity object

(build 66) - Oct  12, 2011
• Added the ability to optimize images in the Batch Manager
• Moved the "Export Name" prop. from Panels to the Properties
• Added the ability to avoid the rounding of some angles of "Round Rect" objects
• Fix: bug in the generation of PayPal object
• Fix: bug when rotating some objects
• Fix: bug generating SlidePanels

(build 60) - Oct  09, 2011
• Fix: bug in the generation of PayPal object script
• Fix: custom field in the PayPal object
• Changed the program folder for compatibility with version 5.x

(build 59) - Oct  05, 2011
• Fix: bug in the object combo, the scrollbar didn't appear
• Re-added the sort objects feature
• Added a custom field to the PayPal object
• Changed the setup, now settings remain

(build 58) - Sep  22, 2011
• Added the overflow support for the HTML box
• Added the variable management for Generic and HTML code so you can use variabled into HTML code and let the program replace them with real values in generation (see the help)
• Added the ability to have more Extension Builder panels opened at a time so you can copy parameters or code among extensions
• Fix: the browser detection for old browsers had a bug

(build 53) - Sep  16, 2011
• New "SlidePanel" object with slide effects that can use a GfxMenu as a controller
• New "Infinity" object
• Enhanced selections signals in the editor
• Ability to select graphical objects only by clicking on their visible area; very useful when creating complex images
• Ability to use the colors of a graphical object only on visible parts of objects underneath (in the graphical canvas editor)
• Ability to use GfxCanvas into GfxCanvas, very useful when creating complex shapes/images
• Ability to specify Dependencies for Extensions
• Ability to Copy and Paste Images from a gallery to another one
• The Complex Fill panel has been changed
• The Zoom feature has been implemented
• Ability to avoid the encoding of links so you'll be able to use PHP, ASP or other code inside
• Completely revisited every internal javascript function
• Added support for Live Properties, change a property and see che result on the fly ;-)
• The Events Window has been rewritten
• Added an event action that permits you to select (mark) a certain item of a gfxmenu
• Added the ability to specify the size of the GfxCanvas internal image
• Remade the Stencil, Overlay and LoadObject panels
• "Image Settings" panel with Multiselection
• The "Transform to GfxCanvas" operation can be applied to many graphical objects at a time
• Ability to use 32 bit transparent images in layers (and infinity objects)
• Removed the BOM when exporting RSS files, this caused problems in some systems
• Removed the "Standard shadow" property from objects; quite ugly and difficult to maintain feature
• Removed the "Merge Selected Images" and "Split Image" from the Tools menu
• Removed many old useless features: RollOver/RollClick (use a GfxCanvas object, PNG32 support, Create Nice HTML Code, etc...)
• Fix: Removed the BOM character from UTF8 files so the PHP/ASP processor will work perfectly also with the UTF8 encoding
• The Copy/Paste feature now preserves the order of objects
• The audio object has been updated, now it uses the "audio" tag from HTML5

Copyright 2002-23 by Lorenzi Davide