(build n. 26) - May 15, 2007
• Fixed a bug when using Italic fonts

(build n. 23) - Dec 12, 2006
• Inserted two links into the Help menu, one for Program Updates, one for Users Forum
• Redesigned toolbars and icons
• Added the ability to preview and browse a page using more browsers
• Redesigned the properties panel
• The objects menu has been moved to the left into the objects toolbar
• Added two new empty graphical shapes
• Redesigned the "Go to..." properties panel
• Removed program themes
• Fixed some problems in the Project Manager
• Fixed some translations
• Fixed a bug when moving containers (layers, forms) with internal objects using the keyboard
• Fixed an annoying bug that causes labels to be horizontally resized when no needed losing some pixels

(build n. 123) - Nov 09, 2006
• Now the editor should be unloaded correctly from memory
• The menu accelerators should work ok
• Enhanced the Undo function and added the Redo function into the label editor

V.3.2 (build n. 118) - Nov 04, 2006
• Fixed a bug on copy/paste in the label editor

(build n. 113) - Oct 12, 2006
• Fixed a bug on interface tooltips

V.3.2 (build n. 109) - Oct 07, 2006
• Enhanced the menu management when changing the current interface language
• Added the ability to select MANY files in the Open File, Open Image dialog

• Fixed a common bug for all UNICODE controls

V.3.2 (build n. 105) - Oct 05, 2006
• Fixed a bug when replacing a string in the batch manager with opened files; some objects were not refreshed and was possible to close the page without saving
• Fixed a problem in the contextual menu

(build n. 102) - Sep 30, 2006
• Fixed some refresh bugs
• Fixed the Date script

V.3.2 (build n. 100) - Sep 25, 2006
The program interface is now completely UNICODE:
- UNICODE clipboard
- UNICODE project files and multilanguage
- UNICODE tip and labels
- UNICODE message box
- UNICODE check and option
- UNICODE buttons, tabulators and frames
- UNICODE label editor and textbox
- UNICODE menu (!)
- ability to read UNICODE text files (UTF16LE e UTF8)
- UNICODE listbox
- UNICODE combobox
- UNICODE grid

- UNICODE status bar
- The '
Ini Translation Utility' is now in UNICODE
- Generation of UTF8 files when needed
- Customizable interface fonts

• By double clicking an opened file this is focused
• Filled-Bezier with complex filling method
• Added the ability to insert new polygons points during the drawn by pressing the 'I' key
• Added the Current Date script to the Javascript
• Added the Stencil window with the ability to choose and save whatever graphical object as a stencil
• Added the Predefined Shape window with the ability to save any shape to a file
• Enhanced the Interface Themes

• Enhanced the creation of temporary files when choosing a complex filling method for shapes
• UTF8 file management and export
• Added double quotes when exporting fonts with blank spaces in the name
• Now the batch manager is not a modal window so you can leave it opened; by clicking over a file in the list the file will be opened.
• Added the Drag&Drop support for many file types
• Insured the compatibility for Windows NT4

• Now it's possible to use the '_' character in object names

• Fixed a bug in the "disabled" attribute when generating XHTML pages
• Fixed some bugs with resolutions with DPI>96
• Fixed a bug in the SlideShow object; it doesn't work properly in included pages
• Fixed a bug when closing the editor
• Fixed a bug when exporting .GIF images with the PNG32 support active
• Fixed a bug in the "center page" method
• Fixed a bug in the properties panel because sometime the selected object wasn't aligned with the panel.

(build n. 100) - Jun 02, 2006
• Added the utility for the program translation

(build n. 97) - May 29, 2006
• Enhanced the quality of the created image when exporting an object with a Standard Shadow without using the PNG32 support
• Now the Publish Project window remembers the last connection used when uploading the site to the internet
• Fixed a bug when sorting the project files

(build n. 94) - May 15, 2006
• Fixed a bug in the Link Wizard

(build n. 92) - May 04, 2006
• Fixed a bug when pasting
• Fixed a bug when applying a stencils to a picture and exporting using the "Automatic" exporting method

V.3.1 (build n. 90) - Apr 28, 2006
• New Slide Picture Object
• New Slice Picture Object
• New PRE-MADE Javascript window
• Enhanced the "Reload External Files" function from the batch manager
• Added the ability to sort the objects list in alphabetic order
• Now Dynamic HTML Editor can inherit the page events from inserted Dynamic HTML Editor objects also
• Added themes for Dynamic HTML Editor
• Added transformation functions from Picture to/from Slide Picture and Slice Picture
• Enhanced the option panel and fixed a bug
• Changed the way of events are generated; now Dynamic HTML Editor doesn't add the "return false" javascript code to events
• Added the Go To... combo object
• Added the "Save As..." property for Audio and Generic Objects
• Added the "ActiveX" window when inserting a Generic ActiveX object into the page
• Updated the form object; now it can be inserted into a container
• When re-selecting the image source (in the Picture Properties Window) the transparency is restored
• Enhanced the export of standard PNG images/shapes
• Added the .GIF support when exporting (Martin is happy ;-))
• Enhanced the support of extended ASCII characters like polish ones
• Added the ability to copy all the colors of a page in the Project Export dialog
• Added the ability to draw new objects into a invisible container (visible for editor not equal to visible) by pressing the CTRL key while drawing
• Added the ability to auto-enlarge containers to fit internal objects
• Added the stencil property to pictures
• Added the Background position and repeat properties to the layer object (very useful for relative positioned sites)
• Added the Standard Line object
• Enhanced the exporting of pages with relative objects
• Fixed a bug in the properties panel when choosing an Input Style Class
Copyright 2002-23 by Lorenzi Davide