(build n. 38) - Apr 24, 2010
• Fix: Under some circumstances, additional states of a Graphical Canvas object were not generated correctly

(build n. 37) - Dec 07, 2009
• Fix: now also the version 4.x is compatible with all 64 bit processors
• Fix: updated some internal components

V.4.3 (build n. 36) - Ago 22, 2009
• Fix: the position type menu appears in a wrong place under some circumstances
• Fix: in some systems an object hidden for HTML has visualization problems
• Fix: the project manager hangs up when loading (ordering) folder with tons of files

(build n. 35) - Feb 24, 2009
• Fix: In some systems the program hangs up when ordering the project

(build n. 34) - Feb 04, 2009
• Fix: the SiteMap generator doesn't work as expected

(build n. 33) - Jan 30, 2009
• Enhanced the UNICODE support

(build n. 32) - Jan 09, 2009
• Added the ability to choose the DOCTYPE for the page

(build n. 30) - Jan 04, 2009
• Added the UNC path support so you can use LAN paths; you can work on your site on a server in your LAN network (\\server\folder\project\project.dhep) , you can import/export files from/to a server and so on.

(build n. 28) - Dec 20, 2008
• Added the Search window for the project manager
• Added the ability to use only one CSS file for the entire site
• Added sorting to the project files; in some systems they were not sorted
• Added the ability to resize the property panel on the GfxEditor
• Added the language to the page properties
• Added a flag that permit you to exclude the use of the PNG32 support for a certain page
• Added the "Check and fix browser fonts zoom" property that will permit you to use the Absolute positioning type without problems also if the browser zoom is enabled. This function is able to reconstruct every font used in the page and fix them to the right size if needed.
• Fix: the color panel when writing a color manually
• Fix: the Id property field; when blank the program hangs up
• Fix: the table object was generated in a wrong way
• Fix: the "Restore original size" in the SlidePic panel doesn't work in the best way; now the program uses the max width and height from the internal image array
• Fix: bad behavior when pressing DEL on the GfxEditor Propery Panel
• Fix: wrong export of GfxMenu object when internal images are empty
• Fix: the publish project window calculates a wrong upload rate when publishing the project
• Fix: under some circumstances a wrong link was created
• Fix: importing .dhe pages into other .dhe pages sometimes some events were lost

V.4.2 (build n. 53) - Aug 19, 2008
• Fix: bug on checking and saving changes

(build n. 50) - Jul 26, 2008
• Added the Unicode management in Dialogs title
• Added Drag&Drop support for Unicode files
• Fix: HTML import now work also in Internet Explorer 7+
• Added the ability to start the SlidePic object with a Random image

(build n. 39) - May 25, 2008
• Fix: sometimes when pasting a text from the system clipboard (paste special - CTRL+W) an empty image is added to the page; if using this feature in the Graphical Canvas the generated image is wrong
• Used new Unicode Controls version 2.4 so now the editor is lighter and faster than before
• Fix: bug when loading grayscaled PNG32

(build n. 20) - May 01, 2008
• Fix: the table object was generated in a wrong way
• Moved the Project menu under the Project Manager window
• Added the ability to publish the site locally; very useful for separating the .dhe source files from the generated web pages
• Added the Links/Events window
• Fix: png32.htc for visualization of PNG 32 images in IE5.5+, IE6.x+. Some images exported with the PNG32 support disappeared after loading the page in IE.
• Added Effects, Events and Stencil to the GfxMenu object
• Fix: the GfxMenu didn't get generated when inserted into some particular master-pages
• Fix: generation of visible graphical objects contained into invisible containers with no PNG-32 support
• Ability to use PHP, ASP, etc server code for Class Names in input elements (ex. <?=$cssClass['Text1']?>)
• Modified the generation of CSS font classes, improved W3C compatibility
• Fix: Unicode characters in textboxes didn't get managed correctly
• Added IME input support for the label editor
• Added the ability to search a font in the label editor in a fast way by writing its name
• Added the ability to use HTML or server code into labels and table (Encode property)

(build n. 12) - Mar 13, 2008
• The label editor now is able to display also fonts non installed in the system
• Added simple cell resizing for the table object
• Fix: the Generic ActiveX panel sometimes hangs up abnormally
• Now the attachment for Generic Objects is not mandatory so you can reuse their code for general purposes (see "Google Maps" sample on tutorials)

(build n. 07) - Mar 08, 2008
• Fix: Check for latest version didn't work
• Fix: The HTML editor for objects now can trap tab keys

(build n. 04) - Mar 06, 2008
• Fix: generating wrong labels with overflow and borders
• Added the ability to customize the generated code for objects
• Added the IPN url for the PayPal object
• Added the ability to encrypt PayPal buttons

(build n. 202) - Mar 03, 2008
• Fix: importing HTML files had some problems
• Fix: loading settings block the program in some systems

(build n. 200) - Feb 17, 2008
• Fix: the RSS datetime is calculated in a wrong way
• Fix: the link to the RSS feed is wrong

(build n. 198) - Feb 17, 2008
• Fix: when opening a new page from the Tips window, the "Add this file to project" doesn't appear
• Fix: when closing pages and the Object list is active it is not refreshed
• Fix: when using a translation and this file is removed the program hangs up

(build n. 197) - Feb 16, 2008
• Fix: problem with the font combo in the label editor
• Added the "Continue Shopping URL" in the PayPal object

(build n. 196) - Feb 12, 2008
• Fix: problem when loading projects in some systems

V.4.0 (build n. 194) - Feb 10, 2008
• Fix: problem with datetime of PayPal and RSS objects
• Fix: problem with escape of <> for links

V.4.0 (build n. 192) - Feb 08, 2008
• UNICODE managent for files
• UNICODE management for the Project Manager
• UNICODE management for command line arguments
• Cache management for files
• Advanced page background management
• Folders and sub-projects support for the Project Manager
• Guides are shown only if the page is part of the current project
• Enhanced the management of the Project Manager
• Advanced memory management for opended pages; if many pages are opened the program releases resources of inactive pages
• Enhanced the styles editor and the property window
• New Project window
• Master Pages
• Event for showing a certain image of a SlidePic object
• Graphical Canvas object with internal RollOver - RollClick management
• .jpg generation for shapes
• Graphical Menu editor
• Some new events
• "ReadOnly" attribute to input fields
• Added other complex filling methods
• Check and exporting of opened files when exporting a project
• Export and Publish with files changed from the last time
• Check for shared files changes when exporting project
• Ability to use 32Bit images for backgrounds
• TabIndex for input controls
• Object Reference
• "Vertical Reflection" graphical effect
• Fixed some blend functions, enhanced the quality of DropShadow and InnerShadow effects
• RSS feed editor
• PayPal eCommerce tools
• Site Man generator
• Table Object

• New Graphical shapes

• Fix: check fonts used by page
• Fix: page centering when using some .dhe file objects
• Fix: generation of containers with border into other containers
• Fix: generation of italic text
• Fix: link management for input fields
Copyright 2002-23 by Lorenzi Davide