(build n. 14) - Mar 11, 2006
• Fixed a bug when opening new files; sometime the files tabulator doesn't refresh itself

(build n. 12) - Mar 07, 2006
• Rewritten the rule management in the main Dynamic HTML Editor Window so it is faster
• Fixed a bug that causes Dynamic HTML Editor to crash when inserting very large numbers in the positioning window
• Fixed a bug that causes Dynamic HTML Editor to lose the coordinates when selecting and scrolling in the main window

(build n. 10) - Mar 03, 2006
• Fixed a W3C validation bug when creating Inputs of Type=Image

(build n. 09) - Mar 02, 2006
• Fixed a bug when exporting an object with a simple shadow

V.2.8 (build n. 08) - Feb 10, 2006
• Protected the map when the "Open Dialog" appears so it's not possible to change unwanted options when choosing a file
• Fixed a bug in the external component "png32.htc" when creating a PNG32 image with relative mode; the image was displayed not scaled in Internet Explorer

(build n. 07) - Feb 09, 2006
• Added the "fade" page transition effect
• Rewritten the "jsLink" javascript function

V.2.8 (build n. 06) - Feb 07, 2006
• Added the "target" property to the form object
• Rewritten the styles window

V.2.8 (build n. 04) - Feb 03, 2006
• Added the ability to stretch the pattern of shapes
• Rewritten the batch manager; added the ability to reload all graphics from the original paths on the disk
• Fixed a bug when writing some charset encoding

(build n. 81) - Jan 26, 2006
• Fixed a bug when replacing something in the HTML editor

V.2.7 (build n. 79) - Jan 22, 2006
• Made some changes in the new property panel trying to remove a bug that causes Dynamic HTML Editor to crash
• Rewritten the page background/grid management; now the grid scrolls and the background also.
• Fixed a bug when using the windows tabulator in the top; sometime Dynamic HTML Editor acts on a wrong window

V.2.7 (build n. 46) - Jan 12, 2006
• Dynamic HTML Editor hides the properties window when all editors windows are closed

V.2.7 (build n. 44) - Jan 10, 2006
• Fixed a bug that causes Dynamic HTML Editor to hang up abnormally
• Fixed some strings in the english.lng file

(build n. 40) - Jan 04, 2006
• Completely rewritten the right property panel; now it's very fast and lightweight and supports the vertical scrolling
• Added
polygon, polyline, polybezier graphical objects
• Added the
selection/modify/rotation cursor for polygons points
• Added the support of Windows XP styles for some internal widgets

• Enhanced the drawing of objects aligned to grid
• Added the
"advanced" copy/paste (fill, borders, effects, events, links)
• Now the label editor can share a copied link so it can be pasted by the new "paste link"
• Enhanced some icons
• Added the ability to clear in a fast way events/effects/links using the properties panel
• Added
two more antialiasing styles for graphical text (strong, tiny)
• Added a control that permits to choose the angulation of a certain object in a fast (and easy) way
• Enhanced the selection of objects by mouse when they are "Visible for Editor" but contained in "Invisible for Editor" containers
Added graphical effects "To Drop Shadow", "Drop Shadow Out", "Inner Shadow Out", "Glow Out", "Inner Glow Out"
• Rewritten graphical effects "Slide Color" and "Slide Transp"; now they are "adaptive" to transparency
• Now the window that permits people to choose a custom color (using the predefined Windows dialog) selects automatically the actual color

• Removed the line object; now it is a sub-ensemble of polygons
• Enhanced some controls when resizing objects
• The event SetImage now works as it worked in version 1.8
• Enhanced some javascript functions
Enhanced the linear complex filling method
• Fixed some bugs when resizing the right property panel
• Fixed a bug regarding the input styles editor (when removing a pre-selected font)
• Fixed a bug in the recent files list management

V.2.6 (build n. 11) - Nov 19, 2005
• Fixed a bug when assigning names to objects in imported HTML pages

V.2.6 (build n. 10) - Nov 18, 2005
• Improved the HTML import for external files pointing to internet sites
• Implemented the file/project Drag & Drop into Dynamic HTML Editor
• Fixed a problem when
inserting UNICODE characters into the label editor
• Fixed the right mouse button behavior when drawing/moving etc....

V.2.6 (build n. 08) - Oct 21, 2005
• Fixed a small issue when exporting XML

V.2.6 (build n. 07) - Oct 17, 2005
• Rewritten all shapes functions using a new antialiasing method for rendering, so now the quality of shapes is better, specially for the line ;-)
• Added the $NAME keyword for generic objects; when inserting an IFRAME object there is the ability to choose it from the target property in the Link Wizard panel.
• Added the property "Margin" for standard labels
• When possible Dynamic HTML Editor now uses the centering method of Martin

V.2.5 (build n. 29) - Sep 30, 2005
• Fixed a bug that comes up when pressing the +/- keys in the editor; Dynamic HTML Editor, instead of selecting the next/previous object, increased/decreased also the fonts dimension without expecting the CTRL key.
• Fixed a problem in the events management: the Hide/Show action could have problems when acting into containers

V.2.5 (build n. 25) - Sep 24, 2005
• Fixed a small VB6 problem about tooltips in the align tools
• Added the ability to use an external help file for Dynamic HTML Editor
• Fixed some bad translations

V.2.5 (build n. 22) - Sep 20, 2005
• The project manager has been updated; now by pressing CTRL and clicking on a select file you can deselect it, by pressing CTRL+A you can select all project files
• Ability to fast increase/decrease fonts size of selected labels by using CTRL+ o CTRL- (valids on label, graphical label, circle, graphical rectangle)

• Added the menu "Recent Projects"
• Added some shortcut in the Project menu

• Modified the line object, now it can be resized
• Added the align toolbar in the bottom

• Added some buttons in the project window
• Fixed a bug that occurs when exporting labels with the "justify" style. Sometimes they don't work correctly
• Fixed a bug in the batch manager (when importing a .dhe file in all project files Dynamic HTML Editor didn't give a name to this new object)

• Fixed some bugs when using a common background for all files of the project and added more options

V.2.4 (build n. 25) - Aug 24, 2005
• Fixed a bug that occurs when pasting a pattern in the background window

V.2.4 (build n. 24) - Aug 19, 2005
• Fixed a bug that occurs when drawing very small lines

V.2.4 (build n. 22) - Aug 16, 2005
• If any error occurs when publishing the site, Dynamic HTML Editor gives best messages

V.2.4 (build n. 20) - Aug 12, 2005
• Fixed a problem when opening a project from Windows Explorer

V.2.4 (build n. 19) - Aug 11, 2005
• Removed the white background color from the menus so Dynamic HTML Editor now is compatible with Windows XP complex themes

V.2.4 (build n. 18) - Aug 02, 2005
• Enhanced Drop Shadow, Glow, Buttonize effects
• Created Inner Shadow, Inner Glow, Glass effects
• Fixed an error that can occur when drawing objects with dimensions equal to 0x0
• Fixed some problems in the picture effects window

V.2.4 (build n. 12) - Aug 01, 2005
• Removed the "Complex-Fill" property from the Graphical Label; now it is included in the fill property
• Added the "Fill" property to layers with super-optimized export
• Added the transparency management for patterns (complex filling methods)
• Modified the "focus" management of objects from the property window; now it should work better
• Fixed and enhanced the XML generation of graphical objects
• Fixed some bugs in the guide management

V.2.3 (build n. 33) - Jul 22, 2005
• The default JPEG quality for every new created picture now is "Superb"
• When creating the generic IFRAME object now the first file type to choose is "dhe file"
• Enhanced the management of Page Author, Copyright, Scripts when inheriting them from imported dhe files.
• Fixed a bug in the file 'dhelib.dll'; now graphical labels should be drawn better
(26 Jul, 2005)

V.2.3 (build n. 31) - Jul 05, 2005
• Now it's possible to insert a generic object without an attached file
• Fixed some bugs in "Merge/Split" and "Transform to..." operations in positioning type
• Fixed a bug in the english setup

V.2.3 (build n. 27) - Jul 04, 2005
• Fixed a bug in the "Solidify Image" operation
• Fixed some bugs in "Merge/Split" and "Transform to..." operations in containers

V.2.3 (build n. 25) - Jun 30, 2005
• Modified the guides
• Enhanced the project manager; now renaming or deleting a file from the project causes to refresh the start page also
• Fixed a bug when deleting temporaly files
• Fixed a bug when managing special characters in standard labels

V.2.3 (build n. 23) - Jun 27, 2005
• Fixed a bug in Color Slide and Slide Transp effects
• Added the ability to add special HTML characters in the labels editor

V.2.3 (build n. 19) - Jun 24, 2005
• Fixed a small issue when blocking links in preview mode

V.2.3 (build n. 18) - Jun 22, 2005
• Enhanced the export of textarea objects, now the rows and columns number is calculated in a better way
• Enhanced the management of the IFRAME generic object

V.2.3 (build n. 14) - Jun 21, 2005
• Block of links when previewing a page with an alert
• Modified the management of objects resize/move
• Added automatic guides (like Flash MX or VS 2005) when moving/resizing objects

• Enhanced the visibility of guides
• Enhanced the visibility of cursors
• Added the ability to have a common footer file for the entire site
• Modified the inclusion of .dhe files; now the included file MUST HAVE the 'Objects Prefix' property valorized (Page Properties)
• Removed the ability to move an imported Dynamic HTML Editor File so object coordinates can be updated every time you load the page
• Moved some tags from the body tag to the css style so now it generates 100% compliant W3C code
• Modified the management of generic objects; now .dhe files are recognized
• Enhanced the HTML import function; now Dynamic HTML Editor can import PNG-32 images also
• Enhanced the temporary files management; now Dynamic HTML Editor creates less files and clean them when necessary
• Added "Copy and Add to Project" to the project menu

V.2.2 (build n. 12) - Jun 10, 2005
• It's possible to open multiple files from the project manager by selecting them and pressing ENTER
• The File Extension (Property of Page) now can be saved as a default property

V.2.2 (build n. 08) - Jun 09, 2005
• Modified the "Merge Images" function; now it creates optimal merged images respecting original transparency
• Added 4 graphic effects (Left Slide Transp, Top Slide Transp, etc...)

• Enhanced the movement of many objects in a time with the mouse; now Dynamic HTML Editor doesn't re-align to grid objects that are not aligned
• Fixed a bug in some combos in the properties window

V.2.2 - Jun 04, 2005
• Dynamic HTML Editor 2.2 can work perfectly with all DPI font resolution maintaining congruent the design page and the exported page

V.2.1 (build n. 66) - Jun 03, 2005
• Fixed a bug when resizing the properties panel; this problem appears only for pc with big characters and Dynamic HTML Editor will crash
• Fixed a bug in the project window

V.2.1 (build n. 62) - May 31, 2005
• Fixed a bug when refreshing a Dynamic HTML Editor File object

V.2.1 (build n. 60) - May 30, 2005
• Now the line tool works better with horizontal and vertical lines
• Changed the phrase "Complex Background" to "Complex Filling Method"

V.2.1 (build n. 58) - May 27, 2005
• Enhanced the effects management in the effects editor
• Enhanced the rules management in the editor
• Enhanced some batch functions
• Fixed a bug in the label editor when calling undo
• Fixed a bug when checking for the maxlength of text in shapes

V.2.1 (build n. 52) - May 26, 2005
• Removed the question "The id has changed..." when changing the id of objects
• Fixed a bug when remove transparency from background and exporting resulting image

V.2.1 (build n. 50) - May 25, 2005
• Modified fonts management
• Now some effects work faster

• New tool "Graphical Label" with complex background, antialiasing, rotation and graphical effects
• New graphical effects: Drop Shadow, Glow, Invert Transparency, Matte Transparency, Transp Image, Buttonize, Wave
• Added manual margins and automatic margins for graphic objects
• Enhanced details when drawing shapes
• Enhanced the effect editor, now you can modify an effect
• Ability to export .dhe file using command line arguments
• Ability to avoid exporting of a certain page; in this manner you can add to project list also included Dynamic HTML Editor files
• Added vertical align for shapes
• During import operation Dynamic HTML Editor can now exclude completely transparent images used as spacers
• Now Dynamic HTML Editor remembers the last font you've used and reuses it when creating new labels / graphical labels
• Added script for server side code inclusion in the HTML editor
• Changed the transformation of objects in images; now label becomes graphical label and rect becomes graphical rect
• Changed the management of page icon
• Management of substitute fonts in generation and in loading pages
• Added the ability to change a font family in the batch manager
• Added the ability to add an entire directory to project
• Now it's possible to paste the background image from the system clipboard
• Added the ability to choose an export file name for shapes
• Added extended formatting options for graphical label and shapes (row/col spacing, char width)
• Added the ability to merge two or more graphical objects

• Added two operations in the batch manager regarding .dhe imported file
• Improved the loading of dhe file into the batch manager and export project
• Font preview in the label editor
• Pattern preview in the complex background window
• Fixed a bug when hiding guides
• Fixed a bug in the label editor
• Fixed some bugs that occur when importing premade HTML pages
• Fixed a bug when preview images

• Fixed a bug in the complex background window

V.2.0 (build n. 373) - May 14, 2005
• fixed a bug when opening two pages with the same name

V.2.0 (build n. 370..372) - May 09, 2005
• Changed the undo management in the label editor; now it works as a normal person expects ;-)
• Fixed a bug when importing more Dynamic HTML Editor file objects; now you can overlap them if they don't contain objects positioned in relative mode

V.2.0 (build n. 368) - May 08, 2005
• Changed the way of Dynamic HTML Editor manages temporaly files, now it's possible to use Dynamic HTML Editor 1.8 and Dynamic HTML Editor 2.0 at the same time without instability
• Fixed a bug in the label editor
• Fixed some bugs using "Undo" in the label editor

V.2.0 (build n. 363) - Apr 28, 2005
• Fixed a bug when uploading some files required by generated HTML pages
• Modified the tabindex management over the properties panel
• Enhanced the combo box usercontrol over program panels

V.2.0 (build n. 357) - Apr 25, 2005
• Fixed a bug when applying shadow to objects

V.2.0 (rev 3) - Apr 23, 2005
• Fixed a bug when returning from image to label

V.2.0 (rev 2) - Apr 17, 2005
• Now panels show transparent images better
• Fixed a bug on transparent images with effects
• Fixed a bug on exporting transparent images

V.2.0 (rev 1) - Apr 15, 2005
• Added property EncType for form object
• Now it can load very old .dhe files (version 1.0.0)

V.2.0 - Apr 12, 2005
• Generates W3C compatible html, xhtml code
• Project Manager
• Upload Manager
• Batch Manager
• Forms and input fields managements
• Layers for grouping objects
• Link wizard
• Styles editor
• Labels editor more powerful, text over style
• Picture effects editor more powerful, now you can apply effects to parts of image
• Transparency (PNG-8 bit with 256 colors and PNG-32 bit with 16 millions colors)
• Shapes with complex background
• Page encoding, background effects, page effects, page icon
• Sounds
• Window caching
• Rotation of shapes and pictures
• Tips and Infos
• Importing of HTML pages
• Layer alignment, center page
• Guides
• Ability to create CSS1 pages and completely standard HTML pages
• Unlimited page dimensions
• Lock of size and position of objects, alignment
• Auto Size of labels
• Templates
• Hotspot and Generic Objects
• Fast move of your files from a directory to another!
• Mouse wheel management
Copyright 2002-23 by Lorenzi Davide