(build 3) - Jul  11, 2011
• Fix: bug in the validation code for radio and checkbox when using the internal form validator
• Fix: bug in the generation of "script" and "doctype" tags when exporting the page as XHTML
• Fix: bug in the form php email processor php code when reading form information.

V.5.9 (build 2) - May  10, 2011
• Fix: bug in the management of Radio buttons when using the embedded PHP/ASP processor

(build 1) - Feb  11, 2011
• All "thumb" gallery extensions have been enhanced with a very nice CSS 3 style
• The "Check for Updates" panel has been enhanced so when the new version 6.0 will be out, existing 5.x customers will be able to update to the latest 5.x version (without purchasing the 6.x version, if they want)
• Some compatibility changes have been made to controls

(build 4) - Nov  16, 2010
• The FTP Exporer and the Publish Project dialog have been enhanced; now the dialogs don't freeze while uploading/downloading large files to/from the internet
• The input field management has been rewritten; now you can specify a "transparent" color for the input fields background and you can see in the editor also advanced borders.
• Added filtering of HTML code for Labels/Table Cells so these objects resize in a good way
• Added
Interline and Character Spacing to standard labels ;-)
• Fix: Problem in the GfxCanvas with the top tabulator
• Fix: Problem in the Page Properties Dialog in the list of attachments
• Fix: Problem in the Combo Box Properties Dialog

(build 25) - Nov  01, 2010
• Fixed compatibility problems with Windows 7 - 64 bit

(build 19) - Oct  04, 2010
• Generation of "id" attribute for the table object
• Other small fixes
• Fix: bug when loading a HTML object with a special position

(build 18) - Sep 29, 2010
• Fix: bug when creating links for the menubar control

(build 16) - Sep 27, 2010
• Added the ability to clone a FTP entry in the Publish Project dialog
• When assigning a page icon to the master-page only one icon is created for the entire site (instead of one different for every page)
• Fix: bug in the Publish Project dialog; when resuming a failed upload the "Resume" button remains active
• Fix: bug in the Extension Manager when adding a file to an extension

(build 15) - Sep 25, 2010
• Added HexBox extensions ;-)
• Added the "MenuBar" object for creating multi-levels menu
• Added the "Image Reference" object, useful for importing animated gifs into pages
• Enhanced the export of labels with spaces in "Simple" mode; now multiple spaces are preserved
• Enhanced the background management in the editor window
• The Page Properties Panel has been remade
• Removed some confusing and unuseful Picture options (Only Link, Preserve Original Name, check the "Image Reference" object)
• Added the ability to always show the vertical scrollbar in pages (useful when centering pages)
• Added the ability to hide the IE Image toolbar
• Added the ability to customize the <body> tag code
• Added the ability to insert custom meta tags for the page
• Added the ability to reduce the size of an image used as an attachment (when they are very big)
• Added the ability to use advanced settings for borders in Pictures, Canvas, etc...
• Added a small editor for the TextArea value in the properties panel
• Added the ability to setup attachments for the page
• Added the ability to setup the Robots tag for the page
• Removed the IE security warning when previewing a page locally
• Added the ability to Rotate and Crop images in the Extension Gallery panel
• Enhanced the response of the program when exporting galleries with very big images
• Added the Custom Code for the Page object
• Now the default color for new Labels, GrLabels and Table Cells is the one defined in the page properties
• The properties panel has been revised
• The properties panel now contains also some properties of the Page (Styles editor, image tips, etc...)
• Extensions are reloaded in an intelligent way, only when needed
• Check for Animated image file and proposal for the better thing to do (see ImageRef object)
• Changed a bit the way DHWE imports images
• Added the resize ability for the "Updates Window"
• Added quality resize of previews for the "Update Window"
• The "New Project" window has been simplified
• Added the ability to set where generate the code of a HTML object (body, header, top of page, etc...)
• Remade the "ComboBox" panel, now it is possible to import elements from a predefined list or a CSV file in a very fast way
• Added many new javascripts in the Javascript tool, added support for many popupar sites
• The program can now automatically convert a picture file used for the page icon (beta)
• Fix: bug in the RSS editor when opening the panel
• Fix: bug in the label editor when pressing Alignment buttons
• Fix: bug in the Custom Code window when displaying code related to an object without positioning
• Fix: now the resize of an object (Picture) with proportions works as expected also with particular effects like "Vertical Reflection"
• Fix: bug when using images with spaces into the filename; now it works correctly (the link is escaped)
• Fix: problem when deleting a project file from Windows 7

(build 02) - Jul 03, 2010
• When the Extension Builder is closed extensions are reloaded automatically
• Added some "Delete" buttons in panels so it is simpler to remove options where possible
• Added the preview of a picture in the Extension Image Gallery panel
• Changed the extension menu
• Fix: some problem related to the PNG32 support with some extensions
• Fix: some problems related to the extension builder have been fixed
• Fix: now it is possible to remove an extension thumbnail in a simple way using the
properties panel

- Jun 18, 2010
• Created a true CSVReader for importing data into a table object in the right way
• Added the "Accept-Charset" attribute to the FORM object so it is possible to send emails using Unicode characters
• Added the Drag&Drop support for the Extension Builder, added other variables to extensions and changed some others
• Fix: the HTML editor with Highlight had problems with certain chars

V.5.5 (build n. 37) - May 01, 2010
• Fix: the project properties window under some circumstances loses the information that it is changed
• Fix: under some circumstances the label editor crashes

V.5.5 (build n. 36) - Apr 24, 2010
• Added the ability to sort Extension objects using the "Move to Bottom", etc... toolbar buttons
• The extension menu has been sorted
• Fix: Wrong "Object Reference" objects, were generated in a wrong way
• Fix: Under some circumstances, additional states of a Graphical Canvas object were not generated
• Fix: a wrong HTML attribute was generated in the DateMod object so the W3C validator failed

(build n. 31) - Apr 06, 2010
• Added new "SlideDropShadow" graphical effects, changed the Picture Effects window a bit
• Added the ability to create a complex background (for every object that support a background) using the GfxEditor from the Background window, very useful for creating a complex background for layers (
see here :-))
• Increased the amount of maximum memory that can be used from Graphical objects
• Enhanced the Options editor; now if an option is in editing the program will ask you if you want to add it to the list before exiting
• Fix: bug when trying to set from a page a SlideToPic event for a Master-Page Slidepic object; indexes are not set correctly
• Fix: the label editor managed links in a quite bad way; now it is better
• Fix: clicking on a text file from the Project manager multiple times opened many text editor
• Fix: when editing points of a polygon and changing the angle of the shape using the property panel a wrong behavior happens

(build n. 29) - Mar 27, 2010
• Fix: bug when creating multiple CSS files for the same page; links were in absolute mode, not relative

(build n. 28) - Mar 21, 2010
• Enhanced the speed when sorting the project and the FTP explorer
• Added the ability to link a .dhe file to the form object
• Now the program resolves every linked .dhe file and not only those into the current project

(build n. 27) - Mar 17, 2010
• Fix: the program hangs up when loading styles or links if the master-page had as master-page itself
• Fix: the option panel didn't appear if the user folder didn't exist

(build n. 26) - Mar 13, 2010
• Added the ability to Drag&Drop text files on the editor
• Enhanced the Styles editor; now if a style is in editing the program will ask you if you want to add it to the list
• Fix: the Events editor had some problems with the objects selection
• Fix: problems on the management of Master-Page objects
• Fix: bug in the Extension Parameter window when editing options of a parameter
• Fix: in generation there was a problem when generating a .css file (if the file had the same name as the project)
• Fix: when Undoing a page the styles associated to input fields were lost

(build n. 24) - Mar 06, 2010
• Added the ability to act on a Master-Page object from a Client-Page
• Enhanced the field selection on the Field Validation panel
• Fix: bug when converting UTF8 strings to UTF16 strings, this prevents the HTML editor to load some text files

(build n. 23) - Feb 27, 2010
• Removed the Automatic Keyboard selection on Label and HTML Editors
• Fixed a problem when using the "Webdings" font in the Label Editor, it was not able to display characters in the right way

V.5.5 (build n. 22) - Feb 20, 2010
• Enhanced the loading and exporting of files; now it is possible to cancel the exporting operation by pressing the ESC key
• Fix: when adding an option parameter to an extension there were bugs in the list management
• Fix: the RSS .xml file was generated in a wrong way

(build n. 20) - Feb 05, 2010 - Some features of version 5.5

Extension Builder

• Added the ability to export an extension file only if it doesn't exist
• Added some other options to the Extension Builder Panel (ability to copy and paste a parameter, ability to export an attached file only if it doesn't exist, ability to specify the Image Gallery columns used by the XSL processor)
• Added the ability to modify "on the fly" a text file embedded in the Extension Builder
• The export of files attached and/or created from extensions has been optimized


• Added Validation for Input fields (in the form properties panel)
• Added ASP/PHP/JS/HTML code highlight in the HTML editor
• Enhanced management when adding/saving files for the project
• The styles declaration has been moved over the scripts declaration so the page should load faster than before
• Added the ability to get a copy of the HTML code associated to a label (in the label editor)
• Added the "Create nice HTML code" in the "Page Export" and "Project Options" dialogs
• Added the ability to use the RSS object for linking existing RSS files
• Added the ability to export RSS files in the root path of your site
• Added the ability to export Attachments (generic objects, audio, etc...) to a "custom" folder
• Added the ability to drag images from the Project Explorer directly into the page
• Added "Preload Images" property in GfxCanvas and GfxMenu objects
• Enhanced the "Page Icon" management
• Added the ability to sort grid data in the FTP Explorer panel
• Enhanced the speed in the Publish Project window
• ".dhe inserted file" objects now can be moved into the page and restored into their original position using the Batch Manager
• Added the ability to select multiple points in a polygon (with SHIFT+Click) and move them using the mouse or the keyboard and enhanced the precision when moving them
• Fix: when closing the project and pressing a function key the program hangs up
• Fix: the link in the Form processor didn't get resolved

V.5.0 (build n. 66) - Nov 10, 2009
• Added the ability to use a custom path for every absolute/project link used in the page; you can for example put your page in a site and refer every needed additional file/link to another site (check the page properties and the help)
• Removed the command line generation
• Fix: when pasting a link into the label editor the program sometimes hangs up
• Fix: the program permitted to transform a layer into a GfxCanvas
• Fix: the program may hang up in some new 64 bit processors using Vista or Win 7 64 bit

(build n. 64) - Oct 31, 2009
• Enhanced the Recent files / projects lists
• Added the ability to manually change the date of a RSS item
• Added an option that permit the program to browse for a file always starting from the Project folder
• Fix: the extension code before HTML has been placed in the top of the page so you can make php redirects
• Fix: the property panel has some visualization problems with some properties

(build n. 56) - Oct 10, 2009
• Added the RTL support to standard labels for Arabian and Hebrew languages
• Fix: Extensions have some problems with Unicode
• Fix: The Date of Modify object has a problem with shadows
• Fix: Saving strings in Unicode

(build n. 53) - Oct 07, 2009
• Fix: Scrollable layers with background

(build n. 52) - Oct 01, 2009
• Fix: Statusbar in the Project Upload dialog
• Fix: Name of the Day in Date of Modify object

(build n. 51) - Sep 30, 2009 - Some features of version 5.0
• New template management, added the ability to create a template from a Dynamic HTML Editor project and the ability to load a template from a folder chosen by the user
• Added the Description attribute for links (HTML Title attribute)
• Added the Alt and Title attributes to every graphical object
• Enhanced the speed when working with Projects and folders with many and many files
• Enhanced the publish project dialog; now it is more responsive and works better with large files
• Enhanced the HTML Visibility property for controls, now you can apply the visibility and the display property
Extensions and Extension Builder!
• Overlay for graphical objects
• Dashes and Caps for graphical objects
• Integrated FTP client
• Added the "Browse" button to the Export Project dialog
• Added the "Background Position" flag to the Page
• Rewritten the Complex Background management; now it works exactly as in the web page
• Added the Modified Date object
• Added the "Opacity" attribute to the layer object
• Added the "Overflow" attribute to the layer object so now it is possible to make scrollable containers
• Enhanced the speed when loading the Batch Manager
• Added the address of the domain in the first entry of the Sitemap generated xml file.
• Added the precision property for the PolyCurve and FilledCurve objects
• Added the "Updates & Additional Components" window which permits you to download additional components in a very simple way
• Added the "Change Callback" event in the Slide Picture object so you can use Javascript to make additional features in your HTML pages
• Completely rewritten the label editor; now it supports any Unicode language, also RTL!

• Fix: it was not possible to load/save images with an Unicode pathname
• Fix: when saving a graphical object to a .jpg file sometimes the generated image was wrong
• Fix: the label object had some problems with the AutoSizeY and Overflow properties
Copyright 2002-23 by Lorenzi Davide