Dynamic HTML Editor 6.8 - Some New Features

(Upgrade is free for users of version 6.0, just install the new version over the previous)

Check also features in version 6.0, 5.8, 5.7, 5.5, 5.0
Ability to send emails with fields created by extensions
Dynamic HTML Editor 6.7 integrates extensions with the internal ASP/PHP email processor; in this way input fields generated in the extension will be sent via email.
Preview for styles
Dynamic HTML Editor 6.5 permits you to see a preview for style classes
H1..H6 tags
Ability to define H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6 tags in the label editor
HTML5 Events and Generation
Dynamic HTML Editor 6.5 supports HTML5 generation and HTML5 new events
Simple way for defining common styles for the entire site
Now it is possible to declare that a style will be defined for the entire project in a very simple way; just select "Site Styles" in the Styles window and you are done.
PS. In the past you could share styles by defining them in a shared file (for example in the master-page).
Labels, Tables, etc... with the support of styles for text
The label editor now supports the ability to set a specified style class (defined with the above tool or using an external tool) to a piece of text; in this way you can change the look and feel of your pages by only changing the style definition. Every page, when the style changes, is automatically updated.
Styles are supported by every object that supports Formatted Text (Labels, Graphical Labels, Shapes, Tables, etc...)
Dynamic HTML Editor styles also support advanced text features like text-alignment, character spacing, character weight, line spacing, etc...
A style can define only some text attributes, others are maintained from the original text definition.
Let's see a sample:

This text has been formatted with Arial font and some bold parts...

now I'll apply a style to this text defined in this way:
Only a new color (green) and the font (Verdana) have been defined.
By applying the style to this text the result will be:

This text has been formatted with Arial font and some bold parts...

font size and bold parts remain, the green color and font name (defined in the style) have been applied.
Ability to choose Web Safe fonts for labels
The label editor permits you to choose Web Safe fonts for labels; in this way your site will look the same in every system.
Dynamic HTML Editor (as always) will generate the right code for you
Check and fix browsers wrong labels size
This feature preserves the size of labels exactly as they are in the editor.
This because some browsers render texts in a different way so the page may appear not the same.
2 labels in the editor
In the browser (FireFox in Win7 64bit)
This feature will fix the problem shown in the second column
Copyright 2002-23 by Lorenzi Davide