Hexagora Generic Drag Engine Extension (for Prototype)
There is a similar extension that supports JQuery at this page

This extension will permit you to create pages with advanced drag&drop support; just take a look at samples below. Download the
drag&drop sample file.

1- The Generic Drag Engine needs the Prototype Extension so draw a prototype extension into your page and send it to back using the top toolbar (there is another one which uses JQuery if needed)

2- Draw objects on your page and choose those you want to drag (in absolute mode!)

3- Draw
a Drag Engine extension for every object you want to drag

4- For every
"Drag Engine" you have to specify the object that will start the Drag&Drop (Drag Pointer) and the Layer that will be moved or copied when dragging (Drag Layer)

Optionally specify a "Drop Target"; if the object will be dropped over a specified Drop Target the Engine will call a javascript function specified by the "Drop Callback" property.
This function will receive an object parameter specifying the source id and the destination  id so you can manage it in an advanced way.

The "Drop Callback" function:

function dropfruit(o)
   var srcId=o.src;
   var dstId=o.dst;
Drag Windows
In this sample I specified Engine parameters as follows:
Drag Pointer = The title bar containing the "Drag Me" title
Drag Layer = The layer containing the title and the body of the window
Drag Mode = move (object will be moved on the page)
Drag & Drop Fruits into basket
In this sample I specified Engine parameters as follows:
Drag Pointer = every fruit
Drag Layer = every fruit
Drag Mode = copy (object will remain in the same position, a copy of it will be dragged)
Drop Callback = dropfruit (a function that manages drops made by me)
Drop Target 1 = basket (the layer with the basket image)
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