Ecwid E-Commerce tools

A set of extensions for using the simple but powerful Ecwid E-Commerce platform

First of all setup an Ecwid account at this address:

You'll receive an email at the email address you specified with your "Ecwid ID" that you need to specify in these extensions for identifying your store.

The email you'll receive should be something like this:
Copy your code and put it into the "ecwid ID" parameter in every ECWID extension widget you place into your page; it should be a number.

List of Ecwid extension available:

ECWID - Product Browser Widget
This is the main container and it is mandatory; this will contain your products, categories, search results, the checkout options and more.

ECWID - Bag Widget
This widget contains the Shopping Bag; when viewing products you can Drag & Drop them to the bag for adding them to your basket.

ECWID - Categories Tabs Widget
Permits you to see the list of categories using a tabulator

ECWID - Categories Menu Widget
Permits you to see the list of categories using a vertical layout

ECWID - Search Box Widget
Permis you to search for a product

ECWID - Store Settings
Permit you to change some options like the language in your store.
PS. You need to use the UTF8 encoding or you may encounter problems when using languages different from english
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