Google Maps Extensions

You can use three Google Maps Extensions:
- the Advanced one, made by Petran
- the one which uses an address (made by our team)
- the one which uses a GMap Link (made by our team)

Google Maps - Advanced

Permits you to place a map and customizing every feature you want; you need to know
Latitude and Longitude coordinates. In version 1.3 you can place many maps in the same page.
Click here to obtain geocode coordinates (latitude and longitude) for a certain address.

Google Maps - Address

Simply draw the extension on your page and write the address to show into the map and you're done!

Google Maps - Link

Probably more precise than the previous; permits you to place a Google Map into your site in a very simple way:

1- draw a "Google Maps - Link" extension on your page
2- go to
3- search the place you want in the top field
4- Click the "Link" link and copy it
5- Paste the link into the "Link" property of the "Google Maps - Link" extension and you're done ;-)
Copyright 2002-23 by Lorenzi Davide