HexBox One Thumbnail Image Gallery

HexThumbGallery is a gallery made by the Hexagora team using
HexBox that has only one thumbnail for the entire gallery

1- As this extension requires a HexBoxEngine on your page and JQuery draw
   1a) JQuery extension
   2a) HexBoxEngine extension
2- Draw an object that support the "Link" property into your Dynamic HTML Editor page (this can be a Picture, a Shape or other); this object will be used as a thumbnail for the gallery
3- Draw a HexOneThumbGallery extension and attach it to the object by filling the "
AttachTo" property.
4- Choose the images by filling the "
Images" property

- Jquery extension
- HexBoxEngine extension
(Click the thumbnail for the gallery)
Copyright 2002-23 by Lorenzi Davide