niftyPlayer MP3 player

A Scriptable, Lightweight Flash MP3 Player

• Small (~4kb)
• Free, open-source
• No Flash knowledge required: file URL is specified in HTML
• JavaScript-ready! You may even bypass the Flash interface altogether!
• Autostart capability
• Draggable/Clickable seek bar
• Simple operation with Play/Pause and Stop buttons
• Buffering with progress bar
• Buffering is stoppable! (through Stop button)
• Volume control
• Very verbal
• Retries upon encountering errors

• No playlist capability (but can be done in JavaScript!)
• No photo-slideshow or video capability
• Sound must be MP3 (flash limitation)
• I'm sure there's more, but I can't really think of any other. But, hey, did I mention it's open-source? You can always change the code :)

(This program is licensed under the MIT License, which, to put it in non-legal terms, allows you to share, use and modify it. Even for commercial purposes. Check out the Wikipedia article on this license for more.)

Draw the extension on your page and choose the mp3 file to play.

PS. This extension requires also a 'SWF Flash Engine' on your page ;-)
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